Golf Rules and Information


Member:               A person holding any golf classification membership.

Spouse:                 The spouse or significant other of a member in any golf classification of membership.

Adult Children:   Any son or a daughter of a member in any golf classification of membership between the age of 18 and 24 that is a full-time student.

Minor Children:  Any son or a daughter of a member in any golf classification of membership under the age of 18.

Legacy Family:   Any father, son, mother, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or grandchild of a member in any golf classification.

Conduct Unbecoming a Golfer

  • Players are expected to conduct themselves in a proper manner while on Club property. Along with abiding by our dress code, pace of play, and course care guidelines, players are also expected to remain from loud, vulgar language and obnoxious behavior.

Course Care

  • Sand bunkers must be raked. Rakes shall remain outside the bunkers, parallel to the fairway.
  • Divots must be repaired or be filled with sand.
  • Ball marks must always be repaired.
  • Be careful not to hit into the group in front of you. Leave ample space.
  • Be quiet when others are hitting or putting.
  • Do not drag your feet of clubs on the greens. Treat them with care.

Dress Code

  • All golfers must wear proper golf attire while on the golf course or using the practice facilities.
  • Male golfers must wear collared shirts, no tee shirts, and no denim.
  • Female golfers may wear tops without a collar, but no tank tops, tee shirts, and no denim of any kind.
  • Mock turtlenecks are acceptable.

Golf Carts – Private

  • Members may have their own cart for use on the course.
  • The trail fee includes two seats total for only players covered under your membership.
  • Yearly private cart trail fee:
    • $750 for one cart
  • Any member riding in your cart not covered under your membership will be subject to the following cart fees:
  • $15 per member for 18 holes
  • $10 per member for 9 holes
  • The Green Fee charge includes the cart fee for any guest riding on a private cart.

Golf Carts – Rental

  • You must have a valid driver’s permit to rent a golf cart.
  • Golf carts are to remain at least 30 feet from any tee or green, unless a cart path is provided.
  • Golf cart rental fees:
  • $15 per member for 18 holes
  • $10 per member for 9 holes

Green Fees with Cart – Member Sponsored

  • In Season (May 1 to September 30)
  • $52 Weekends
  • $42 Weekdays
  • Off-Season (October 1 to April 30)
  • $32 Weekends
  • $30 Weekdays
  • A non-member may only receive the Member sponsored rate five (5) times in one calendar year.


  • The Golf Shop will post all scores throughout the season. Please contact the Golf Shop for all handicap information.

Junior Golfers

  • All tee times for players under the age of 18 not accompanied by an adult must be approved by the Golf Shop.

Legacy Family

  • When playing with their designated member or their spouse, legacy family members shall be extended all privileges afforded adult and minor children. These services include complimentary greens fees, cart fees, if riding on their private cart, and range balls if said member is on the family range plan.  Legacy family may not participate in member golf events but may participate as a guest in events that allow them.

Lightning Safety and Precautions

  • It is the players responsibility to be aware of dangerous weather situations.
  • The Golf Shop will sound a siren when severe weather is approaching.
  • Players must exit the golf course and seek shelter.
  • The Golf Shop will issue all clear when the situation passes.

Pace of Play Guidelines

  • 18-hole golf rounds should be completed in four (4) hours or less.
  • No player shall “cut in” on any hole in any manner, which will interfere with oncoming players.
  • Be ready to hit when it is your turn. Be careful you are not in front of, or in danger of being hit by another member of your group.
  • Allow faster groups of any size to pass through when the opportunity arises.
  • When using a cart:
  • After tee shots, stop at the shorter drive first, let the player off, proceed to the other ball and be ready to hit.
  • When approaching the green:
  • Always park the cart or if walking, leave your bag even with or behind the flag stick as to be able to exit the green quickly.
  • If your ball is just off the putting surface, take you putter and whatever other club necessary to get you on the green and to the hole. Do not hold up play by going back to your bag and getting another club.
  • The player whose ball is closest to the hole may tend or remove the flag stick, placing it carefully on the green out of the way of all players.
  • Leave the green quickly when finished so the next group may hit.
  • Check scores at the next tee.
  • Remember, your place on the golf course is not directly in front of the group behind you. It is directly behind the group in front of you.
  • Groups of more than four (4) players are not allowed unless specifically approved by the Head Golf Professional


  • Since we have no safety netting to help keep range balls inside the confines of the driving range, be mindful of DANGER AREAS that include #10 fairway and #15 left hand rough.
  • Please wait until these areas are clear before hitting and keep all your shots inside the confines of the driving range.
  • We also have a short game area complete with practice green and bunker located on the west end of the practice facility.
  • When going to the practice facilities please be considerate of those teeing off #10 and make sure the tee is clear before crossing in front of it.

Registration and Starting

  • Member tee times may be secured up to two weeks in advance three ways, either online, in person at the Golf Shop, or over the phone.
  • One player of a match is needed to register for a tee time. However, all players of a match must register with the Golf Shop prior to teeing off.
  • All tee times shall be prepared to tee off when it is their time. If the entire group is not present another group may tee off.
  • Twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes shall have equal rights on the course. Twosome may be required to pair up to expedite play.
  • Tee times will be every nine minutes.
  • Private cart owners must sign in.

Rules of Play

  • U.S.G.A. rules shall govern play, except as modified by local rules.
  • Local rules shall appear on the back of the scorecard or be announced at the start of any given competition.


  • Only members and spouses shall be eligible to play in Club events.
  • Adult and minor children may play in Club events only with the approval of the Golf Committee.
  • In the event of a shotgun start with less than 72 players, a mini shotgun may be used for optimum course utilization.